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2013-2014 Contra Costa ARC Financial Report

Revenue Chart

Expenditures Chart

Contra Costa ARC returned its financial performance to operating “in the black” in Fiscal Year 2013–14. The prior fiscal year (FY 12–13) we experienced an operating deficit for the first time in decades. It was caused by law changes made in Sacramento in 2012 that limited the eligibility of children with developmental delays for our early intervention services. In FY 13–14 we re-balanced our income and expenses and stabilized our fiscal operations while advocating strongly, with many other groups around the state, to restore service eligibility for the children. Partial restoration of eligibility was achieved, effective January 1, 2015.

Our independent financial audit for FY 2013–2014 confirmed that Contra Costa ARC’s resources are being managed with accountability, transparency and cost effectiveness. Our administrative expenses were once again less than 8% of our total budget, assuring that more than 92% of all funds were utilized for direct services and advocacy for children and adults with special needs.

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