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Strategic Planning & Performance Improvement

Contra Costa ARC strives to fulfill its mission in a manner that consistently embodies the core values established in our agency bylaws.

As an organization we are person centered and grounded in respect for all. We strive to achieve an atmosphere that is accessible and welcoming to everyone. We are responsible, transparent and accountable to our stakeholders and we strive to uphold the highest standards of corporate ethics and integrity.

In all our decision-making and planning activities we operate in a manner that:

A Strategic Plan developed by our Board of Directors provides guidance as to how the mission of the agency will not only be maintained, but also advanced. This Strategic Plan was developed in the year 2000 and has guided the agency ever since. It contains 4 key directions:

      1. When a need is identified in the community, to respond, when possible, by offering to expand the number or type of services offered,
      2. To develop organizational “agility” in order to be able to respond quickly and effectively to emerging opportunities and risks.
      3. To increase our financial stability and strength.
      4. To increase the effectiveness of our advocacy by strengthening our grassroots and by collaborating with other agencies with compatible missions.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to our mission and our corporate responsibility, we regularly collect and analyze data on the results of our programs and services. In other words, we measure the impact of our services on the lives of the people we serve. These results are aggregated and posted annually on our website. It is available for viewing in the section on our home page entitled “Accomplishments.”

Further, we regularly collect and analyze data on our performance in key aspects of our business practices. We annually aggregate results data against pre-established targets in these 6 areas:

We will be happy to send you our latest results data. You may request it by calling 925-370-1818 and asking for our Executive Director, or by e-mailing

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